August 7-10, 2017


Mode identification in rapidly rotating stars from BRITE data

Daniel Roy Reese (LESIA, Observatoire de Paris)

Marc-Antoine Dupret, Michel Rieutord

Apart from recent progress in Gamma Dor stars, identifying modes in rapidly rotating stars is a formidable challenge due to the lack of simple, easily identifiable frequency patterns. As a result, it is necessary to look to observational methods for identifying modes. Two popular techniques are spectroscopique mode identification based on line profile variations (LPVs) and photometric mode identification based on amplitude ratios and phases differences between multiple photometric bands. In this respect, the BRITE constellation is particularly interesting as it provides space-based multicolour photometry. In the present talk, I will describe the latest developments in obtaining theoretical predictions for amplitude ratios and phase differences for pulsation modes in rapidly rotating stars. These developments are based on full 2D non-adiabatic pulsation calculations, using models from the ESTER code, the only code to treat in a self-consistent way the thermal equilibrium of rapidly rotating stars. I will specifically apply these predictions to the BRITE photometric bands and explore the prospects of identifying modes based on these results.

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