August 7-10, 2017


Stochastic photometric variations in early B supergiants

Alexandre David-Uraz (University of Delaware)

A. David-Uraz (1), G. Wade (2), R. Mennickent (3), A. Moffat (4), N. Richardson (5), T. Ramiaramanantsoa (5) (1) University of Delaware (2) Royal Military College of Canada (3) Universidad de Concepcion (4) Université de Montréal (5) University of Toledo

With the advent of high-precision space-based optical photometry, a new light has been shed on the nature of photometric processes on the surfaces of massive stars. Objects that were believed to be fairly quiescent were shown to exhibit significant low-amplitude variability. In particular, there have been recent claims of bright spot detections on a small number of OB stars. We report observed stochastic variations in the BRITE light curves of the two B supergiants epsilon Ori and kappa Ori, and we compare and contrast them to variability observed in other massive stars. Leveraging contemporaneous spectroscopic observations, we aim to determine the origin of these variations, and assess whether they might be due to putative bright spots on the stellar surface.

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