August 7-10, 2017


The peculiar Of?p stars of the Magellanic Clouds: Are they strongly magnetic?

Melissa Munoz (Queen's University)

Gregg Wade (Royal Military College), Yaël Nazé (Université de Liège)

All known Galactic Of?p stars have been shown to host strong, organized magnetic fields. Recently, five Of?p stars have been discovered in the Magellanic Clouds. They possess photometric (Naze et al. 2015) and spectroscopic (Walborn et al. 2015) variability compatible with the oblique magnetic rotator model. However, their magnetic fields have yet to be directly detected. We have developed an algorithm allowing the synthesis of photometric observables based on the Analytic Dynamical Magnetosphere model of Owocki et al. (2016). We apply our model to OGLE observations in order constrain their magnetic geometries and surface dipole strengths. We predict that the field strengths for some of these candidate extra-Galactic magnetic stars may be within detection limits of the FORS2 instrument. This technique can also prospectively be used with BRITE observations of the Galactic sample of magnetic massive stars, namely theta1 Ori C.

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