August 7-10, 2017


Testing the photometric stability of BRITE-Constellation

Thomas Kallinger (University of Vienna)

To characterise the long-term stability and true photometric sensitivity of a space-based instrument is a difficult task and can be done best with independent measurements of a relatively quite star. We will report on such a test, where we use the Kepler/K2 observations of the bright B-type star 27 Tau. Even though the star is highly saturated on the Kepler detector we can extract a high-quality time series from the ‘halo' around the saturated pixels. This allows us to characterise the stars' photometric variability down to a few ppm. Based on this we can test the photometric stability and determine the true photometric sensitivity of the BRITE-Austria and UniBRITE satellites, who have both observed 27 Tau for about 6 months.

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